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Gubkin, Belgorod Region
Gubkin English Language Teachers' Association

President: Yelena BABINA
E-mail address:
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Founded on September 16, 2001. KEY EVENTS AND PROJECTS: workshops for teachers and students, regular contests and joint activities for students and teachers, Access summer / fall / winter / spring schools. MOTTO: Coming together is a beginning, Keeping together is a process, Working together is a success (Henry Ford)


Ivanovo English Language Teachers' Association

President: Yekaterina SHAPOSHNIKOVA
E-mail address:
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Based on: Ivanovo State University. Year of foundation: 2008. President: Dr. Prof. Olga Karpova, Head of English Language Department, Ivanovo State University. Motto: Teachers who love teaching teach children to love learning. The Association aims at bringing together Ivanovo teachers of English at all levels and in all areas: secondary schools, colleges and universities. One of the primary objectives is to encourage specialists in EFL methodology, teachers, as well as interpreters and translators to share experience and discuss ideas with colleagues both from Russia and the English-speaking countries.


Kolomna, Moscow Region
Kolomna English Language Teachers' Association

President: Irina SALAMATINA
E-mail address:
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This professional foundation was founded in October 2016 by a team of professionals from Kolomna State University of Humanities and Social Studies to promote standards of excellence in ELT in Moscow Region, support teachers’ own professional development and encourage collaboration and cooperation between teachers and learners of English. The membership in KoELTA is open to English language school and college teachers, university lecturers, representatives of local educational authorities. MOTTO: together to success.


Kursk English Language Teachers' Association

President: Serguey UMERENKOV
E-mail address:
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A professional foundation established by the General meeting of the Association on the base of the Department of foreign languages of Kursk State University at the Chair of EFL Methodology. OBJECTIVE: organization of a wide range of professionally-oriented activities for Kursk region EFL specialists including providing scientific research opportunities, competence development and promotion of goals of foreign-language education on a regional scale. The Board of the Association includes 14 prominent scholars conducting constant research in different areas of Applied Linguistics and EFL Methodology.


Moscow English Language Teachers' Association

President: Galina GUMOVSKAYA
E-mail address:
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This extensive professional association was founded in 2004 by the Fund “Pedagogical University Pervoye Sentyabrya” with the support of the Moscow Department of Education, the Moscow Region Ministry of Education, the National Association of Teachers of English. MISSION: to stimulate, support, and provide opportunities for the improvement of EL teaching and learning. MOTTO: Create and share! Cooperate and care! Communicate and dare!


Tula English Language Teachers' Association

President: Zhanna FOMICHEVA
E-mail address:
irenevl@yandex.ru, tpg.tuelta@gmail.com
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A professional community of Tula and Tula Region is founded in 2010 and based at Tula State Lev Tolstoy Pedagogical University. TUELTA objectives include creating conditions for the development of foreign language education in the region through the organization of professional events for local EFL teachers, prospective teachers and students.
Mission of the professional group: We strive to improve English language education in Tula region and provide equal opportunities for ongoing professional development of current and future EFL teachers.


Voronezh Association of Teachers of English

President: Marina STERNINA
E-mail address:
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The oldest regional association of EFL teachers in Russia founded in 1992 and based at the Chair of the English language of Science Departments of Voronezh State University. This professional community unites university level and secondary school teachers, as well as representatives of private language schools. VATE organizes ELT seminars and conferences, as well as different contests for University and high school students.


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Karelia English Language Teachers' Association

President: Yelena BORZOVA
E-mail address:
Objectives of the Association:

- bringing together English Language specialists at all levels and in all areas of teaching English;
- creating and strengthening relationships with educational institutions and other related organizations of the Republic of Karelia and the Russian Federation;
- supporting the regional component and enhancing its value in EL teaching in Karelia;
- establishing an environment encouraging both professional development and collaboration;
- promoting teacher training and professional development through meetings, seminars, conferences, discussions, projects, access to web resources etc.;
- facilitating networking, i.e. sharing innovative ideas, best practices and experiences;
- developing our own teaching philosophies generated through an understanding of language learners’ needs by examining our pedagogical goals in the process of collaboration;

- implementing the best innovative practices in the field of EFL teaching in relation to methodology and assessment.


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Don English Language Teachers' Association

President: Irina ROZINA
E-mail address:
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The Don English Language Teachers’ Association (DonELTA) was founded in Rostov-on-Don, Russia in 2002. DonELTA is a rapidly growing local English language teachers’ professional organization which members are active supporters and contributors to a wide range of national and regional language programs, including Access and Advance. The members of DonELTA are also involved in a variety of teacher professional development and training events and testing activities. Indeed, DonELTA members are from different sectors and levels of education. However, they are always eager to learn and themselves bring a lot of knowledge, experience and expertise to share with peers.


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Mari El Republic
English Language Teachers' Association of the Republic of Mari El

President: Tatiana GOLIKOVA
E-mail address:
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The association was established in 2017 within the Foreign Languages and Linguistics Department of Volga State University of Technology. The association primarily consists of the department's university teachers, but includes vocational English teachers and school teachers as well. MOTTO: "New challenges - new opportunities!" MISSION: To generate (trends, projects),to consolidate (efforts, ideas), to collaborate (with colleagues and students), to achieve (great results and goals) in the field of EFL. MUST-VISIT EVENTS: Volga Regional Forum for Foreign Language Teachers, Total English Dictation (on-line and off-line), training courses for college teachers, workshops and conferences on burning issues of foreign language teaching.

Kazan RegELTA

Kazan Regional English Language Teachers' Association

President: Elzara KHAFIYATOVA
E-mail address:
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A professional organization founded in 2015. Its mission is to strengthen the teaching and learning of English in the RT, to promote the professional development of EFL teachers, to support networking with colleagues all over the world, and to provide access to the latest EFL resources. Kazan RegELTA headquarter are The Department of Languages and Intercultural Communication, the Department of Contrastive Linguistics and German Philology Departments, Kazan Federal University, IFMK, Kazan. Today Kazan RegELTA is an organization of over 100 members providing ELT professionals with information and support within their geographical areas.


Mordovia English Language Teachers' Association

President: Irina KOROVINA
E-mail address:
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MorELTA was founded in 2015, on the basis of Saransk Community of English Language and Culture. Since 2017 MorELTA has been an affiliate of NATE (National Association of Teachers of English). MorELTA’s headquarters are located at Ogarev Mordovia State University, Saransk. The chairperson is Irina Korovina, an Associate Professor of English Philology Department. For now, there are 105 members in MorELTA, including school and university teachers. The main objective of MorELTA is to boost English languages teachers’ professional growth. MorELTA is one of the organizers of annual conferences and seminars that are conducted at Foreign Languages Department, Ogarev Mordovia State University.


Nizhny Novgorod
Nizhny Novgorod English Language Teachers' Association

President: Olga MIRONOVA
E-mail address:
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A community of English language professionals based at Minin University. Its activities involve both tertiary level teachers, pre-school, elementary, secondary and high school teachers as well as private sector language specialists. The Association is rapidly developing and aims at assisting new teachers (bachelors and masters) and teacher-trainers in their profession. Annually held conferences and a number of seminars and masterclasses held at Minin University engage internationally recognized speakers and authors and nationally renowned trainers.


Perm English Language Teachers' Association

President: Svetlana POLYAKOVA
E-mail address:
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This professional association was founded on February,06, 2017 by the staff of the Department of modern foreign languages and literature of Perm state National Research University. This new, dynamically developing organization, including EFL professionals of secondary schools, Secondary Specialized Educational Institutions, students and University professors of the city of Perm and Perm region. The Association cooperates with the Department of literatures of world nations in foreign languages, the Communicative Platform of the Scientific Society (“Scientific Centre”) of Perm State Regional library named after A.M. Gorki, Perm local and regional authorities, public organizations, Committees of sister-cities of Perm (Louisville, USA; Oxford, Great Britain; Duisburg, Germany, etc ) and with other chairs and units of higher educational establishments of the city. MOTTO: Strength in Unity. MISSION: Growing through Sharing, Bridging Cultures through English.


Samara Association of Teachers of English

President: Victoria LEVCHENKO
E-mail address:
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This professional community, founded in 1995, includes teachers of English from regional secondary schools as well as University and college level EFL instructors and senior students. The Association holds annual regional, all-Russia and international professional conferences and seminars gathering up to 300-500 participants. Among the most meaningful results of Association are creation of retraining programs for teachers from non-linguistic higher educational establishments (in cooperation with the British Council), publication of materials on basics of assessment (TEMPUS project), establishment of a system for continuing professional development for EFL specialists of the region.


Saratov English Language Teachers' Association

President: Galina LASHKOVA
E-mail address:
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SELTA was founded in June, 1994 and since then our motto has been “English unites the world: diversity within unity”. We aim to develop our teaching community to unite teachers of different institutions and of different proficiency levels. SELTA is a helpful tool for teachers to develop professionally and interact with other colleagues. Our learners of English and their needs are a matter of particular concern to our members.


Ufa English Language Teachers' Association

President: Vyacheslav SHVAIKO
E-mail address:
aagolovinsky@mail.ru, 79174425098@yandex.ru 


Ulyanovsk English Language Teachers' Association

President: Lyubov SAVELYEVA
E-mail address:
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ULELTA (Ulyanovsk English Language Teachers’ Association) was founded in 2017 (NATE Affiliate since 2018) to unite EFL teachers and let them be a part of an inspiring and collaborative community that achieves the highest standards of excellence and helps to be successful in English language teaching through professional development programmes. Our goal is to improve English language education in Ulyanovsk region and develop interregional and international professional connections


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Chelyabinsk English Language Teachers' Association

President: Svetlana SANNIKOVA
E-mail address:
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The association was set up in 2003, March, 15, on the basis of Chelyabinsk State Pedagogical University, now South-Ural State University of Humanities and Pedagogics. The main objectives include to unite on a voluntary basis EFL specialists from educational establishments of all levels with the aim of professional collaboration and interaction, to seek and implement new methods in EFL teaching and research, extend the community of inspired, inspiring and aspiring educators.


Kurgan English Language Teachers' Association

President: Natalia BOCHEGOVA
E-mail address:
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Association of teachers of English of the city of Kurgan and Kurgan region unites EFL teachers aiming at professional communication, experience exchange, perfection of communicative competence in the sphere of ELT. The professional community includes teachers of the Chair of Romano-Germanic philology of Kurgan State University, secondary schools, gymnasia and lyceums of the region. We work in close collaboration with Kurgan Centre of Innovations and Methodology, the Regional Library named after A.K.Yugov, foreign language schools and educational centers of Kurgan and Kurgan Region. OUR MOTTO: "Tell me - I forget, show me - I understand, Involve me - I remember"


Magnitogorsk Association of Teachers of English  

President: Maria GALLYAMOVA
E-mail address:
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The association «MAGNATE» was set up in October, 2020 on the basis of Corporate Training Centre «Personnel». Our motto – Innovate! Empower! Educate! This professional community unites university level and secondary school teachers, as well as representatives of private language schools. Our goal is to improve English language education in Magnitogorsk and implement new methods in ELT teaching.


English Language Teachers' Association of the Ural Region

President: Yelena NADTOCHEVA
E-mail address:
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The professional foundation based in Yekaterinburg, Ural State Pedagogical University. MISSION: to unite professionals of educational establishments of all levels and kinds of ownership for experience exchange and maintain high professional standards in cross-cultural communication and EFL teaching.


Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug
Yamalia English Language Teachers' Association

President: Eugene KOLYADIN
E-mail address:
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Regional Public Professional Organisation ‘Yamalia English Language Teachers’ Association’ (YamELTA) was founded in 2013 (IATEFL Affiliate since 2017). The Association prioritises Yamalian English teachers' professional development, methodological and informational support, development of interregional and international professional connections as well as creating and developing teaching materials on Yamalia area studies for students of educational establishments of the Okrug.


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Abakan English Language Teachers' Association

President: Angelina BEZRUKOVA
E-mail address:
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This professional foundation is based at Katanov Khakas State University, Abakan, Republic Khakassia. MISSION: to improve English language teaching in the city and the Republic.ABELTA unites EFL scholars and teachers striving to professional communication, experience exchange, and improvement of the communicative competence in English. ABELTA includes English language Instructors of the University and school teachers of Abakan and the Republic Khakassia.


Novosibirsk English Language Teachers' Association

President: Arsenty BOCHKARYOV
E-mail address:
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This professional organisation was founded at the Foreign Languages Department for Engineering Faculties at Novosibirsk State Technical University on November 10th, 2016.KEY SPHERE OF INTEREST: teaching ESP. Anyway, the goal of TPG “Novelty” is the provision of the conditions for the professional growth of all teachers and educators who deal with English language at any level of training. To fulfill the goal of Novosibirsk region teachers’ involvement in various local, state and international projects Novelty members cooperate with the educational organizations of different profile and destination.MOTTO: NOVELTY stands for New, Optimistic, Volunteering, Enthusiastic, Leading, Trustworthy , Young.


Omsk English Language Teachers' Association

President: Olga DVORZHETS
E-mail address:
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The Association was set up in 2005 on the basis of the Department of Foreign Languages of Omsk State University named after F.M.Dostoevsky. It has united EFL professionals from prom-inent regional establishments of higher education and secondary school teachers. Leaders of the Association have extensive professional background enriched through participation in Interna-tional Projects, on-line distance learning courses and in-service trainings. Traditional annual teacher training seminars and workshops, conferences, Olympiads and festivals contributed to building up a strong professional community attracting more and more participants every year.